Is Skincare in fact Self-care or Luxury?

Well, lets start by stating that proper skincare is a necessary essential for your skin’s overall health. While it is sometimes considered a cosmetic asesthetic, it is usually forgotten that skin is your largest organ in your body. Proper skincare can help fight skin-affecting environmental factors, promote blood circulation, cell turnover and temperature regulation. Which in turn, this can result in even skin tones, less breakouts, clearer and smoother skin. Benefits of a proper skincare routine, can also start to show relief of stress, youthful looking skin, that leads to the natural glow. There is a LUXURY bonus, (the part that people see after your’ve put in the work of SELF-CARE;) you start to gain more confidence & your inner beauty begins to radiate forward producing results that are golden! So, is skincare considered Self-Care or Luxury? —— It’s all in the work of proven results that SELFCARE is NECESSARY! Take care of your skin, it’ll take care of you!

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